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Welcome to Bitesized Baking

During the Covid-19 pandemic, when in-person workshops were impossible and everyone seemed to be obsessed with making sourdough, TBC took to the internet to make a handful of mini, bite-sized videos about bread making basics. These short videos (and a couple of blog posts thrown in for good measure) explain some things that might be useful to know before you begin your baking journey. Just to note, as mentioned at the end of each video, you can no longer contact Julia at the email address as it doesn't exist anymore.  However, feel free to contact her using the contact form if you do have any burning baking-related issues. 

How many ingredients are there in bread?

Music: 'Tap of the Drum' Dawn, Dawn, Dawn

A note about measuring...

Music: 'Out of Silence' Andreas Cantu

A note about time...

Music: 'Tunkara' Sillaba feat Maher Cissoko


Image: Lizzie Mayson

What is the baker's percent?


Music: 'Jemano' (Instrumental version), Sillaba feat Maher Cissoko

How to use the baker's percent...

Link for the Baker's % Calculator here.

Music: 'Tilibo' Sillaba feat Maher Cissoko


Image: Lizzie Mayson

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